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Dev Notes




Unizip the downloaded FlightBook.zip file into a temporary directory.

Run the SETUP.EXE file from the temporary directory, and following the installation wizard.

The installation program adds

  • FlightBook program files to a program directory.
  • Microsoft JET3.5 databasing to your system directories.
  • Microsoft VB6 system files to your system directories.
  • A short-cut icon to your START menu.

When you first run FlightBook the program will ask you for a new logbook file name.

(To uninstall FlightBook and all its components use ADD / REMOVE PROGRAMS from your CONTROL PANEL.)


FlightBook is provided as a shareware product.

Register this product to obtain:

  • Allow unlimited use of the software (remove flash screen and 50 record limit)
  • Support  future development
  • To be notified of future releases
  • On-line e-mail support.

Please see details in the manual (see download page) or contact the author ( wizmo@homewizmo.demon.co.uk) for registration information.



"I get Run-time errors when attempting to run FlightBook"
Download the full version from this website to ensure all relevant drivers are installed correctly.

"I get Run-Time errors and the main screen has no text. I live in a country where the Date format is non-standard"
Download the latest update files from this web-site. This was an untrapped bug that has been rectified since version 2.8.10

"I get an Automation error when attempting to display the 3D Mode"
If you are using Windows 95/98 ensure install (re-install) DirectX version 5.0 or greater. Also download the latest update files from this website to update the model files
If you are usning Windows NT4.0 it is not possible to run the lastest release in 3D Mode. (Windows NT4.0 only supports DirectX3). (NOTE: The lastest Beta is built to support NT4 but you must install SP4 and DirectX6 [Microsoft state that SP6 is required for full DirectX3 compatability])

"Are you intending to provide the software in any other languages"
The current release provides a 'do-it-yourself' foreign language system. The file 'translate.mdl' in the FlightBook program directory is a MS Access database with a translation look-up table. By modifing the language field it is possible add your own language. (If you do make the changes please send me the database and I will add it to this web site for others to use - Thanks)

"Do you support any other Varios or GPS recievers"
The current release only supports Renschler varios and Garmin GPS recievers. It is the only units I use. I would be happy to add support for other units if anyone can provide a load unit and/or protocol specification document.

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