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FlightBook was initially designed as an alternative to the proprietary Renchler log download program but has developed into a complete electronic soaring flight book and flight analyzer.

FlightBook is designed for Windows 95 / 98, and has been tested on Windows NT 4.

FlightBook is available as "shareware". There are no time restrictions to it use.  If you would like to contribute towards future development there is registration information at the end of this document.

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FlightBook allows you to :

  • Keep a manual record of all your flights in Microsoft Access file format.
  • Download log data from Renchler Sol variometers (SOL5 and above).
  • Download of barograph data from Renchler Sol variometers (SOL7 and above)
  • Download track data from Garmin GPS receivers.
  • View flight statistics
  • Print flight log book
  • Display and print flight details, including height plots, and track plots with lift patterns.
  • 3D flight simulator, allows re-animation of individual flights. The 3D mode uses download data and DirectX to display animated glider, flight track trace (full 3D) and detailed background landscapes.
  • Online Help

Future releases of FlightBook will allow

  • Download of log and barograph data from other variometer types
System Requirements

FlightBook requires the following

  • Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT4 (min)
  • 8Mb disk space
  • DirectX5 (for 3D Plot feature)

To fully appreciate the 3D Plot features minimum specification recommendations are

  • Pentium MMX processor
  • 32Mb RAM
  • High performance display adapter.


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