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A collection of 'phareware' programs and videos


The latest version of FlightBook now fixes a major problem associated with foreign versions of Windows or customized date formats. Apologies to those it has affected.



Flight Logging program for free fliers

FlightBook uses a simple user interface to keep a Hang-gliding / Para-glifing log book in an Microsoft database.  It also offers communications intefaces for Renscler Sol variometers and Garmin GPSs to automatically download and store data.  Data can be displayed and printed in various formats.  A unique '3D plot' offers a simulation where it is possible to animate flights.  These features allow pilots to review  and analyse previous flights in an effort to improve ability.    FlightBook offers improved features, and a more robust  alternative to   the Renshler communications package. 



Various videos in Real-Video format.

Some videos include favorite clips, whilst others demonstrate what an unskilled 'hack' can do with a DV Camcorder and non-syncronous editing software. 


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