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Use the following links to download the latestest install and documentation for the unregistered version of FlightBook

FlightBook (wizmo)
FlightBook (mirror)
The latest full install of FlightBook.  Contains all files necessary to install the shareware version on a Windows 95 / 98 system (Version 2.8.15 - 4.62MB)
FlightBook Update Minimum install / Update install of FlightBook.  Contains the basic program and datafiles.  This install options requires you to have VB6.0 runtime libaries, and MSJet 3.5 previously installed. (Version 2.8.15 - 798KB)
FlightBook Beta Latest Betas are now forund in the DevNews section
Editor Beta XYZ file reference editor.  Simple UI to modify XYZ file headers (from Visual Explorer) for use with FlightBook

The unregistered version is not time restricted, but you can only view the first 50 records in 3D mode.  For information on how to register this product see the support pages. 


The following links are downloadable terrain files and overlay bitmaps for use with Flightbook.

Location Landscape File Landscape and Overlay File
Brantside, North Yorkshire, UK brants.xyz brants.zip
Humphrey Head, Cumbria, UK humph.xyz humph.zip
Inglebrough (Simons Fell, Inglebrough Bowl), North Yorkshire, UK ingleb.xyz ingleb.zip
Le Chabre, Laragne, France lechab.xyz lechab.zip
Old Man of Conistone, Cumbria, UK omoc.xyz omoc.zip
Parlick, Lancashire, UK parlick.xyz parlick.zip
Saint Vincent le Fort, France stvinc.xyz stvinc.zip
Whernside, Lancashire, UK when.xyz whern.zip
Wolf Craggs, Cumbria, UK wolf.xyz wolf.zip

FlightBook XYZ files are created using Visual Explorer (NOTE: Visual Explorer has been replaced with a Freeware edition of Genisis II, available at the same URL).  The headers have been modified as per instructions in the FlightBook manual.

If you create your own landscape files of other flying sites please e-mail them to me ( maps@homewizmo.demon.co.uk) and  will include them in the list


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