AWS links.  Tells you exactly what the weather is like now


Soaring Guide


Forecast Model liks.  Computer models that predict the wind and rain for the next week
Details of para-gliding and hang-gliding soaring sites in the UK, including access details
Help link.  A guide to the guide



Site News - Major update including a new Google map site guide.
 As yet I have not replaced the original Java Version as I still have the interactive Wind icons to work on, which will hopefully be soon.
Site links and Weather maps updated.
P.S. Play Spot-the-Flyers. Check out Parlick, Winter Hill, Mam-Tor and High Hill


Site Link News - Minor link updates, including a refresh of the current weather maps.


Site Link News - Link Update, although links missing form the now defunct NSG sitee.
On a personal note, I have had limited time to update the site due to work commitments, including a re-location to the US, but I will continue to provide link updates when I can.  I just hope that I will get back to flying in the UK soon.


Site Link News - Major update and addition of soaring site links.


FOOT & MOUTH:  Most Restrictions have now been lifted, but check with managing club before flying.


JavaWeather Link News - Boatastic and Met-Office AWS data has replaced the no longer freely available Wendy data providing limited detail but much better coverage.

New FlightBook Release - check out the flightbook site for further enhancements.


JavaWeather Link News - Unforetunatley Wendy Windowblows data is no longer freely available.  When I have time, I look into using your Wendy username and password.

New FlightBook Release - Version 2.5.5 is now available for download from   A beta version of GPS Explorer will be posted shortly (a Garmin Waypoint organiser system similar to Windows Explorer).


Improved JavaWeather Links - More changes to the weather link icons to add more features, fix bugs associated with source site changes, and faster and beter operation of airport links.

FlightBook - New Release - FlightBook  version 2.2.  Updated libaries and minor bug fixes.  New Utilities anailable.


FlightBook - New Release - FlightBook has been updated with the release of version 2.0.  This release provides support for downloading Barograph data from Sol7 range.  An additional flight detail display and print is provided to show height and map plots.  The Flight simulation screen has been updated to provide animated gliders, and map overlays.


Improved JavaWeather Links - Weather link icons have been changed to show aditional historical and cloud cover information where available.  Automatic update has been improved for off-line use. 


Improved JavaWeather Links - The Wendy weather link icons have been changed to access the data direct from Wendy Windblows Web Site.  Presently, Rods data is updated every hour (on the hour) and should provide a more reliable source of accurate weather data. 


Site Guide Changes - After careful consideration, the Site Guide section has been converted into a Link page, as opposed to hosting the site data.  In this way, the maintance of the data is returned to the negotiating clubs, and as a result should be more up-to-date, and accurate.

FlightBook Launch - If your a Renschler and/or Garmin user, check the Wizmo Production pages for the latest release of FlightBook.  This shareware program allows you to log flight details, download data from the Sol vario range, download tracks from Garmin GPS recievers, and allows you to "replay" your flights in 3D.

Wizmo Soaring Guide Active Desktop - Add the Java site guide to you active desktop and continually monitor wind and site locations. Just click the icon below. (Note: this is an experimental service, please report any faults)  

Add the Wizmo Soaring Guide Active Desktop Component
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