Europe / Africa Photo Gallery





The Photos were taken on various visits to Europe, either on business trips or pleasure. As an Englishmen, it's great to be able to go such a short journey before find highly diverse scenery and cultures.
General tourist trips have taken me all over Europe. In my youth it was Hitching, or 'Inter-Rail' (a 'cheap-travel anywhere for a month' trail ticket). More recently travelling has been more civilised, either by car or plane. Minor expeditions to France, Switzerland, and Spain have resulted from my hobbies, caving and climbing
BWI Inex have sent me all over Europe, mainly Germany and Italy.



North Africa

Seismograph Services sent me to the Libya, and Egypt. I spent two years living out of a caravan deep in the North African deserts, and the Sinai peninsular. Using explosives or Vibrators (hydraulically controlled weighted pad mounted a custom trucks) and highly sensitive motion detector arrays we were able to map terrain rock stratas. The information is used by oil companies to predict the location of natural oil reservoirs. Highlights were the dunes in Libya, the snorkelling and dramatic scenery of Sinai, and Christmas at Sharm El Sheikh




My first trip with SSL was a shallow marine expedition on the Niger delta. Home was a barge moored on a convenient secluded bank. The office was either a tug or a catamaran just off the coastal beaches. Evening entertainment included water-skiing, watching the storms whilst sipping G&Ts (or Star beer) on the barges (or a local village if we were lucky enough to be moored near one), or the Blues Brothers on Video. In fact this is what we seemed to do every night for the three months I was there!