Austral-Asia Photo Gallery





Visits to Thailand have all been work related. The first time was with Seismograph Services, on my way home from Papua New Guinea. I spent two weeks in Pantong Beach, Phuket, and a week in and around Bangkok. Phuket is an excellent island off the southwest coast, and is highly recommended as a holiday location. The Small Island has everything from a Bangkok style bar zone, a Club 18-30 resort, quite unspoilt rural areas, and nearby spectacular scenery on the mainland. More recently Inex had a major project in Ayuttaya, north of Bangkok which involved a number of visits.





Two days shopping in Singapore on my way to Phuket.




Papua New Guinea

Three months high in the central mountains of Papua New Guinea on a seismic exploration expedition. I was in charge of a cutting team; dropped by helicopter with a compass, a radio, forty locals, and a tarpaulin (to sleep under) to cut a narrow path through the jungle for the following drilling, and data collection teams.