Step 1 - Netscape Test Certificate Registration

This procedure is only for users of Netscape Navigator / Communicator 4 and above.

Following the following procedures will allow you to view the active wind icons within the guide. These icons allow you to see more clearly which sites are suited for the current wind conditions.

I recommend you print this page before continuing. (<Ctrl> - P).

For Microsoft Windows 95/98 or NT

  1. For Microsoft Windows 95/98 or NT, click here to up load and open this executable.   The file is a self extracting ZIP file that saves the 'Step - 2' instructions and a copy of my test certificate on your local disk.
    For other users there is a ZIP file that you need to manually extract the 'Step - 2' instructions and a copy of my test certificate
  2. Open the local copy of the 'Step - 2' instructions and follow.

For Other Operating Systems

  1. Download the certificate file twizmo.cer.  (Will display as a text file.)
  2. Using the right hand button, select a blank area in the text field window and choose Save As from the menu
  3. In the Save as window, save the file on your hard disk in a convenient location ("C:\temp" for example).
  4. In the Netscape window open the Options windows and select application helper
  5. Add a new application and enter
    The extension as ".cer"
    The MIME type as "application/x-x509-ca-cert"
    The run application as your full Netscape application file name including the directory( "c:\Program Files\Netscape Communcation\Programs\netscape.exe")
  6. Still in the Netscape window go to the current location and enter the directory location that you saved the x509 file ("C:\temp"). You should now see a directory listing which includes the twizmo.cer file which now has a cacert file association.
  7. Double click the file name and a new version of Netscape should be launched and you will be taken through a certification procedure by Netscape. Follow the instructions very carefully or you may select to not install the certificate