* Club UnKnown *
Aberdeen HG and PG Club
Airwave PC
Angus Hang Gliding Club
Avon Hang Gliding and Paragliding
Birdwing (Sth Cerney) PC
Birmingham Uni HG/PG Club
Britforce Cyprus HGC
Cambridge University HGC
Cardiff University HGC
Chiltern Flyers
Cumbria Soaring Club
Dales HG and PG Club
Derbyshire Flatliners
Derbyshire Soaring Club
Devon and Somerset Condors
Dover and Folkstone HGC
Dunstable Hang Gliding Club
Durham University
Edel Owners Club
Edinburgh Paragliding Club
Herefordshire Paragliding
Highland HG and PG Club
Imperial College HG/PG Club
Isle of Wight HGC
Jersey Skywalkers PC
Joint Services HG and PG Club
Kent Kestrels
Kernow HG Association
Lanarkshire and Lothian Soaring Club
Long Mynd Soaring Club
Loughborough University
Malvern Hang Gliding Club
Manx Hang Gliding Club
Mercian Hang Gliding Club
Mid Wales HG and PG Club
Midflight PC
Midland Aero Towing Group
Moray Eagles HGC
Napier University HG Club
Norfolk Hang Gliding Club
North Devon HG and PG Club
North Norfolk HG and PG
North Wales HG and PG Club
North Yorks Sailwing Club
Northampton HGC
Northumbria HGC
Notts Aerotow Club
Paraglide PC
Peak Soaring Association
Peel Park Paragliding Club
Pennine Soaring Club
Regal Wings
School - Para-Excellence
Scottish Aero Club
Scottish HG & PG Federation
Scottish Mtn Paragliding Club
Shropshire Tow Club
Sir George Caley Sailwings
Sky Surfing Club
Snowdonia Sky Sports HG and PG
South Devon HGC
South East Wales HG and PG
South West Wales Soaring Club
Southampton University
Southern Hang Gliding Club
Strathclyde University
Suffolk Coastal Floaters
Summit and Sky PG Club
Thames Valley HGC
Ulster Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club
University of Brighton PG Club
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
University of Wales, Cardiff
UpotteryTowing Club
Vale of York HG Club
Warwick University HGC
Welsh Borders PC
Welsh Free Flt Federation
Wessex HG and PG Club
Wingbeat Paragliding Club
XClent Paragliding Club
York University HPC